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Expand your musical vocabulary and find your Voice

What is Four Hands Drumming?

FOUR HANDS DRUMMING is an educational site devoted to improving your ideas and finding YOUR unique voice on the drum set

12 Episodes + Periodic New Lessons

Current Episode Topics

  • Drum Tuning
  • Dynamics
  • Technique
  • Alternative Sound Sources
  • Mics & Recording the Kit
  • Practicing for a Gig
  • Preparing for Broadway
  • Groove Construction
  • Charlie Hunter
  • Playing For The Song
  • Understanding The Idioms
  • Orchestration On The Drum Set

Carter and guests give insight into each topic.

“Carter has helped teach this old dog some new tricks . He is very encouraging and has a very patient teaching style . I enthusiastically recommend Four Hands Drumming, hands down!!”
– Joey Commisso (student)

Hand Notes are your “snacks between meals,” addressing each topic with additional insight and information.

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